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Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology (ITEC) program offers a variety of graduate programs that can advance your career. In this technological era, the possibilities are endless when combining your passion and potential into a life-long career.
  • You can obtain a general Master's Degree in Education in Instructional Technology, an appropriate degree for school teachers, corporate trainers, and others interested in effectively using information and communications technologies to enhance instruction.
  • Another Masters Degree program includes a Computer/Technology Endorsement from the state of Ohio, which provides credentials for becoming a technology teacher or a school technology coordinator. This endorsement can only be added to an existing teaching certification. For those who already have a Masters Degree, the Endorsement-only program provides this licensure for 26 credit hours.
  • The program also offers an Online Teaching and Learning Certificate, for those interested in developing or teaching online courses. This five course certificate can be combined with the general Masters Degree or obtained by itself.
  • Finally, the Instructional Technology program offers a doctorate in Educational Psychology with a Concentration in Instructional Technology. This PhD. will qualify you to become a college professor or enhance your credentials in a field where working with new communications and information technologies is critical to success.

The Masters Degrees, endorsement, and certificate are all available entirely online. Most of the courses for the Doctoral Degree can also be taken online.

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